Is Baby Change-N-Go safe?
You better believe it, sister. Baby Change-N-Go is painstakingly engineered with safety as the top priority, and has passed all U.S. and European safety standards with top marks. There is nothing we take more seriously than the wellbeing of your baby.

How much weight can it hold?
If you’re an adult and wondering if you can sit in it, the answer is probably yes, but we know you have better things to do with your time. Baby Change-N-Go has been safety tested to hold more than 300 lbs. of weight, but it’s specifically designed to provide a safe fit for children ages 2 and under who weigh up to 40 lbs. 

Is there a strap? Will my baby roll out?
There is a waist strap, but you know babies—they like to wiggle. That’s why we caution you to never, ever leave your little one unattended and always keep one hand on him in case he gets the urge to shake what you gave him. 

What materials is it made out of? Are they safe?
Baby Change-N-Go is made with industrial strength nylon—one of the strongest textiles on the market. All materials are BPA-free, lead-free and phthalates-free. You also won’t find plutonium, kryptonite or the green stuff that turns turtles into ninjas.


What about the bathroom stall itself?
Who doesn’t love privacy in a bathroom? (Seriously, if you know someone, maybe it’s time to reconsider that friendship.) Baby Change-N-Go is specifically designed to hang over the top of the door or wall of a bathroom stall no higher than 75” to provide a private changing experience. 

Does it work on a regular door?
Yes, but only if you’re supermodel height. Since regular doors are taller and the straps on Baby Change-N-Go do not adjust, you’d need to clock in at 5’10” to make it work. We are currently developing a new solution for us average Joes.


Is Baby Change-N-Go machine washable? How do I clean it?
Baby Change-N-Go is not machine washable, but it is easy to clean. Just wipe it down with a damp washcloth and sanitize with a skin-safe household disinfectant. Viola! You’ll never know a crime scene took place there.

Is it cleaner than a changing table?
Hold on to your hat because we’re about to blow your mind. 92% of public changing stations test positive for feces, bacteria and drug residue. Horrifying, right? Our solution lets you cover your baby’s butt, literally and figuratively.


How big is Baby Change-N-Go?
When open, the base is 33" long and 10 1/4" wide. From the top of the hook to the base of the product is 32". When folded, it’s 12" long, 10 1/4" wide and 2 1/2" thick. It weighs 2.68 lbs. Its astrological sign is Pisces and it enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging out in public restrooms.

Is it TSA friendly?
Yes—it’s so friendly, it’s practically TSA’s BFF.

Is there a car version?
Not at the moment, but we are always listening to moms and dads and working on ways to make the changing experience adaptable to their busy lifestyles—and less disgusting in general.

Is there a plane version?
Baby Change-N-Go can work with airline bathroom doors, but only if the door remains open. We are in the process of creating a more private solution—for you, your baby and your fellow passengers.


Where is my order?
Ugh, missing orders are the worst. If you placed an order and are having a hard time tracking it, please let us know by emailing We’ll get on the case right away.

Can I change my order?
Sometimes you order black and then realize you’re actually more of a blue person. We get it. If your order hasn’t shipped yet we are happy to make the switch. Email us at and be sure to include your order ID number.

Can I return my order?
Safety is our thing, and that means ensuring that every product we sell has never been used before and is 100% sanitary. For this reason, all purchases are final unless there is a manufacturing defect. In that case, the product must be returned within 10 days.


Who do I contact for wholesale information?
Her name is Brenda and she’s super nice. You can email her at to learn more about wholesale or distribution opportunities. 


Is Baby Change-N-Go patented?
You betcha. We proudly received our US Patent in 2018.

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