We come from a long line of diaper barons

Just kidding. We’re two regular moms who wanted to do something that would make parents’ lives easier and give them the confidence to go out in the world with their little ones in tow.

The idea came to us at a racetrack, of all places. We were there for a family-friendly event when we realized the bathrooms hadn’t gotten the memo. With no changing table in sight, we had to lay our twins on a sacrificial blanket on the floor, and pray none of us got a flesh-eating virus.

Inspired/traumatized by this experience, we drew the initial concept for a portable changing station on the back of an envelope. Enter Baby Change-N-Go—a revolutionary product that allows parents to handle diaper changes in public bathroom stalls with dignity and ease, and get back to doing the thing they were doing before their child decided to release the kraken.

With Baby Change-N-Go, we’re doing more than changing diapers—we’re changing mindsets. It’s time to make caring for our children easy in every environment and stop letting dirty diapers hold us back from living our best life.

Well, at least hold us back a little less.

The revolution is here. Are you ready to make the change?

Our Mission

Baby Change-N-Go empowers parents to shape the family life they want by providing freedom to change their babies safely anywhere they go.

Our Causes

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