Tips For Traveling With An Infant

Tips For Traveling With An Infant

As my son lay crying in the middle of the terminal floor, not even an hour in to our six hour layover, I realized the extra cost for a direct flight would have been more than worth it. I also didn’t realize how many diapers you can go through while stuck in an airport with nowhere to buy more. Having to ask a stranger for diapers in that situation has forever change how I travel. For your own sanity, learn from my mistakes.

Planning ahead, patience, and a sense of humor will pay dividends when traveling with your little one. As I mentioned, it is worth the extra money for a direct flight. If the price seems high, reread the last paragraph. Layovers and infants rarely go well together.

Hotels are not nearly as baby friendly as you would think. Their cribs are as comfortable as the floor, and diapers pile up all too fast with little to no ventilation in those rooms. Nothing will beat your home, but somebody else’s can get pretty close. That’s why we always suggest booking an AirBNB for your trip. Just make sure the room is labeled as suitable for children, and let the host know you’re bringing little ones beforehand.

Packing for trips with infants is really just planning for the worst. How many diapers do you need? More, the answer is always more.  Along with your endless diaper supply, the Baby Change-N-Go is key. No more looking for changing stations that rarely exist. Also pack more wipes than you think you need, extra outfits for your little one, and even extra shirts for you--trust me on that one. Snacks are always a great idea, and I mean that as a general life statement, but especially while traveling. 

With all that said, don’t worry too much. You are more than capable. Just take the extra time to plan and prepare, and know that you can do anything.

Brenda Moosa
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