Gifts For The First Time Dad

Gifts For The First Time Dad

When it comes to protecting mom’s sanity, dads are often the first line of defense. First time dads know this, but often don’t know exactly how to help or aren’t prepared. Here is a list of gifts that will help him help her. It is focused on getting dad and little one out of the house to create a little moment of calmness for mom.

Dads can only feed their little ones with bottles, so it is important to have the best. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottles help control the flow of milk and prevent colic, spit-up, burping and gas. We noticed a difference the very first time we used one, and have never looked back. Make sure to get an insulated bag to keep the milk at a proper temperature during their outings.

After using those bottles, what goes in must come out, and this is where the Baby Change-N-Go helps the most. The days of changing diapers in the back of the car are over. The Baby Change-N-Go is the quick, simple, and sanitary way to change your little one’s diaper wherever adventure brings them.

With the freedom that the Baby Change-N-Go provides, there isn’t much of an excuse to not go anywhere. For any other concerns babywearing is probably the solution. Every parent should have a baby carrier. From hiking to wandering through museums, baby carriers beat strollers any day. 

As great as it is for dad to get the baby out of the house, it is even more important for him to not return empty handed. Make it easier for dad to take care of mom, and buy a gift certificate to her favorite ice cream shop or bakery. A baby free afternoon followed up with ice cream really is the best gift for mom, and what is good for mom is good for dad.
Brenda Moosa
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