5 Baby Shower Gifts For Active Parents

5 Baby Shower Gifts For Active Parents

Your cool friends, who travel endlessly and visit every brewery the day it opens, are having a baby. Their crazy active life isn’t over, but it’ll take some help to keep them out and about as much as before. Here are a few gift ideas that will get them back to their normal selves instead of hiding away watching reruns day in and day out.

Memberships or tickets are the best gifts. Children’s museums, botanical gardens, and national parks are all perfect. Sometimes all new parents need is a reason to get out of the house.

Once they are up and out, there are a few pieces of baby gear that will help make everything easier. The Baby Change-N-Go is a great solution to the lack of changing stations. When they need to change a diaper at a festival, the latest brewery, or even just their favorite record store, there is no worse situation than realizing there is no place to do it safely.

Strollers are too big for many places, and will often cause new parents to avoid certain activities they once loved. Baby carriers are a great solution for everything from hiking to enjoying the patio at their favorite restaurant, or even just getting things done around the house when they need both hands. 

It won’t be long before their little one is sitting up, and any cookout will become much more enjoyable with a portable highchair. Nothing is cuter than a happy little camper, and your friends will enjoy having both hands free without having to play pass the baby.

Portable high chairs are great for many situations, but they aren’t the best in restaurants. Some places will have high seats, but there is no guessing the last time they were actually cleaned. A great solution is a portable chair that can hook on the edge of a table. They clip right on and keep little ones close without all the fuss of large oversized high chairs.

Having a baby does not have to slow new parents down. With the right gear they’ll be up and out in no time, and that freedom is the best gift you can give them.

Brenda Moosa
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