Just because babies “go” where they want doesn’t mean you can’t go where you want
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“My husband wanted to be a big part of our child’s life and men’s restrooms rarely have a diaper changing station. This really does make it possible to change a diaper wherever, whenever. It's been really convenient for us to have.”
S, (Amazon User)
“My family is always traveling- always exploring new restaurants, parks, and cities, which means we are in the car a lot and in need of changing tables in public a lot. The baby change-n-go has been great for us. It's surprisingly sturdy - my baby has been comfortable and stable in it from 6 months to 15 months with no issue.”
Nicole (Amazon User)
“This product is a total game changer for anyone that has ever had to change a diaper in a public setting. Not only does it eliminate having to use the germ infested public changing tables, but it also provides privacy. It is a must have for public restrooms that don't have a changing table at all!”
Nicole Gradeless (Amazon User)
“I wish this product had been available for my first child. This product is a game-changer and a must-have for any parent of a child in diapers.”
Rachel (Fort Worth, Texas)
“Have a baby? You must buy baby change-n-go. No more filthy public changing tables!!!”
Kimberly N. (Carrollton, Texas)
“Brilliant product especially for dads. This should be a must have on baby registries.”
Brandon G. (New York, New York)
"This is my go to baby shower gift! I'll never forget changing my babies in tiny bathrooms with no changing table or sometimes even on a mat on a dirty floor. It was super gross and unsanitary. Plus what a pain as a mother to always have to do the changing because there are no changing tables in men's rooms. This is a small, sturdy product that is worth the price. I love it!
"This works great for my 5 lb baby as well as my friend's 20 lb baby. I've needed it several times as not all restrooms have changing tables &/or they're not clean. I prefer not to change my baby in my vehicle in case of an accident, so this is a great tool for me!
Mustang Momma
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